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Panasonic RV32 firmware update R1 only 
    Miscellaneous > Firmware
 Price: € 14,15

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Shipped from:USA
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We now offer the latest firmware for your Panasonic player.
Since Panasonic is not very generous sending out upgrade discs and due to the high request rate. You now can get the latest original firmware on a disc for a small fee.

This firmware upgrade does not make your player region free. It's the original firmware supplied by Panasonic. The firmware upgrade will restore the player back to its original state (all codefree settings will be erased). If you have modified your player with the BJ-unlimited, login to your account and get the disc there against a 40% discount. This Panasonic DVD-RV32 firmware update only works on region 1 versions.

To check your current version do the following:
- Make sure the player is on and there is no disc in
- Press and hold on the front of the players: STOP + PAUSE + EJECT
- Press on the Remote Control number 7
- Read firmware off display, eg: H088 50C697.
- The last 3 digits indicate the version.

Version 442


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